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cagliarirestaurant cagliarirestaurant

Sa Piola Restaurant
Giuseppe Daniele Vinci
3, Santa Margherita alley
09124 Cagliari (Sardinia)
VAT number 01294310915

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From the Land
to the Sea


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Tipicall freshest ingredients
dance from the market
on the cutting board and
jump in the pan
to give somersaults
to your palate

To get started

Carpaccio of porcino mushrooms
Red Ox's Tartar with Selargian caper
Salami with Casizzolu of Santu Lussurgiu
Tripe with tomato sauce and mint
Meatballs of Red Ox in white wine
Pork meatballs with saffron of San Gavino
Raw catch du jour, scampi and shrimp
Variety of fried porcino mushrooms, meatballs and vegetables in batter
Variety of fried vegetables, small-scale fishing, squid and shrimp
Musky octopus salad with pearl barley
Curly celery with bottarga, pears and sweet pecorino cheese
Frozen octopus with potatoes in balsamic reduction
Carpaccio of Red Ox with rocket (arugola) and pecorino
Figs with air-cured pork meat
Burrida of Pina
Fried sweetbreads of Bortigali


On Casizzoru of Santu Lussurgiu
Cheese tasting with jams
Pecorino roasted with honey sapa
Fiore Sardo cheese of Ovodda
Caprino with Cagnulari's vinasse

Pasta dishes and Soups

Caserecci with ragout of free-range chicken
Minestr'e cocciula (cocciula's soup)
Fibaus with crustaceans
Su Mazzamurru
Grouper ravioli with scampi and shrimp
Culurgiones of nettle or artichokes or asparagus
Ciccioneddas in Campidanese way
Fregula roasted in Sardinian seafood ragout
Lorighittas with scampi, prawns, fresh tomato and basil
Macaronis in ximiru way with ragout of Red Ox
Linguine with mussels and courgettes (zucchini)
Lasagne with game ragout
Linguine with our squid ink
Ciccioneddas with seafood pesto sauce
Spaghetti with Marina's Cannonau

Homemade desserts

Tiramisu with ladyfingers biscuits of Dorgali
Timball'e latti (Sardinian milk flan)
Apple Strudel of Barrali with Carasau
Chocolate puddings
Panna cotta with goat milk
Ricotta cheese pie with prunes

Meat and Fish dishes

Stewed boar meat
Strips of Red Ox with artichokes
Strips of pork imbinadu
Braised heifer with Cannonau
Beef stew of Red Ox
Grandma Pina's eggplants stuffed with Red Ox
Fried eggs
Fillet of Red Ox
Cordula of Bortigali with peas
Sheep in succhittu way with white Capichera
Grilled Red Ox sliced with rocket (arugola) and pecorino cheese
Grilled Red Ox sliced with porcino mushrooms
Fiorentina of Red Ox
Soup of seafood bottom
Bosana Lobster
Fillet fish du jour
Fillet fish du jour with potatoes and saffron
Fillet fish du jour with Vernaccia
Fillet fish du jour with artichokes
Fillet fish du jour in Mediterranean way

Some products may be broke down at low temperatures.
The house staff will inform you about from time to time.
Sea's and land's tasting menu is available on request.